Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Old Man and the Sea Duck

In 1991 from June to December, Disney Comics published seven issues of TaleSpin which was based on the popular television show of the same name. I loved this TV show and it ranks high on my list of favorite afternoon animated series with Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. What I loved was that there was also a comic book to go with it with helped expand on the characters and just offer more that the TV show couldn't. After seven issues (and a four-part origin miniseries) the title was canceled along with just about every other Disney Comic title that didn't feature Donald Duck.

Well, before the title was so horribly canceled, TaleSpin #5 featured an adaptation of one of my favorite episodes, "The Old Man and the Sea Duck". It's the episode (aside from The Dick Van Dyke Show) that introduced me to amnesia. The story features Baloo (from The Jungle Book only voiced by Ed Gilbert) getting amnesia after getting into a plane crash. Kit (voice of R.J. Williams) and Wildcat (Pat Frawley, who voiced Krang in the original TMNT series) try to help Baloo regain his memory and learn how to fly again. This doesn't go very well but Baloo does get some help from a kindly old man. Does Baloo regain his memory? I'm not saying, you'll just have to read the comic.

TaleSpin #5 (Oct. 1991; Disney Comics)
Written by
Libby Hinson, Adapted by Bobbi JG Weiss
Pencilled by
Oscar F. Saavedra and Hector Saavedra
Inked by
R. Torriero and R. Bat
Lettered by
Bill Spicer
Colored by
Jo Meugnoit
Cover by
Jim Mitchell, Gary Martin and Gail Bailey
All characters and stories are owned and trademarked by The Walt Disney Company.