Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Goof in "All's Well That Ends Awful"

There are times when lovable ol' Goofy dons red underwear, a blue cape (which may or may not be a towel) and fights crime as the one and only Super Goof.  Super Goof first appeared in The Phantom Blot #2 in 1965 where Goofy accidentally drank a beaker of super fuel invented by Gyro Gearloose.  Goofy does what anyone would do and becomes a superhero but unfortunately just gets in the way of Mickey Mouse's more serious attempts at catching the Blot.

Seeing potential in this character, Super Goof reappeared in Donald Duck #102 (May 1965) with a new origin story.  This time, Goofy's powers were acquired by donning a special cape invented by Gyro.  When Super Goof graduated to his own one-shot (which soon became a long-running series), Super Goof's origin was changed again.  In Super Goof #1 (July 1965), Goofy attained his powers by swallowing a peanut--or Super Goober--he was growing in his backyard.  Peanuts were chosen mainly due to the general safety of imitative youngsters who could swallow handfuls of peanuts without harm.  The Super Goof comic book series would last 74 issues from 1965 until 1984.

The following story appeared in Donald Duck #102 (May 1965) and was written by Del Connell and drawn by Paul Murry.  All characters, stories and incidents are trademarked and copyright The Walt Disney Company.