Saturday, May 01, 2010

POtW: North First Street?

This is a picture of the sign located at Battery Place and North First Street in Lawrence. The funny thing about Lawrence is that Lawrence doesn't actually have a First Street, either a north one or any other one. Apparently the Westheffer Company, maker of fine agricultural sprayers, is located on North 1st Street but they are the only thing on North 1st Street so I just consider it a huge driveway.

What's interesting is where West 1st Street would be, it's not there. We start out at 2nd Street and go all the way to 34th Street but there is no 1st. By my calculations, 1st Street should be about here. What's even stranger is that the numbered streets didn't even start out numbered. They were changed in the early 20th Century which makes me think 1st Street used to exist before the town grew north.