Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Read Jim's Journal, and it was pretty good

A few years ago, my mom bought me a collection of comic strips that she just happened to see.  She purchased this book during the height of my "I love comic strips" phase and thought I would like it because I was wanting to start my own comic strip and my art sucks.  Just like this art.

The book was The Pretty Good Jim's Journal Treasury by Scott Dikkers.  At first, I was a bit concerned about this strip.  The art was terrible and some of the humor was hit-and-miss.  But as I read it, the more it grew on me.  And now that I'm older, I get it.  Jim is me.  I'm very passive, never initiate conversation and I do some stupid journal-esque type writing that no one cares about too.

Anyway, Jim's Journal is up there on my favorite comic strips list (it's in the top ten) because the humor is honest, even if it's not really meant to be funny and we all have a little bit of Jim inside us.