Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Based on a True Story

March 7, 1989
"Well, we could always cut the salary of the ones in charge. They do very little around here and, let's be honest, they could go without for awhile and still have more money than all the employees who work here combined. And, I'm fired now, I see."

Why did Veeblefester think Brutus was going to be any help? If Brutus knew how to maximize cash flow, don't you think he would've done it by now? He's always looking to please the almighty, all-knowing Veeblefester.

The only thing we've had taken off our porch was some bed sheets. And we got those back, but it was weird. Thieves would find our packages very disappointing. Usually it's pills and other health-related things. Even during the gift-giving season we got a journal and a vanity plate. Not much fun there.