Saturday, December 23, 2023

I'm Not Going To the Mall On December 23rd

While collecting Born Loser strips yesterday, I came across the results of a comic survey held in June 1977. It caught my eye because The Born Loser got ranked higher than Peanuts. Peanuts. Born Loser was ranked as "always read" by more readers of this Pittsburgh paper than Peanuts, which came in third.

Overall, in the rankings, The Born Loser came in third. Peanuts and Family Circus came in first and second. I just find it interesting how Born Loser fared here. I haven't searched for any recent comic surveys--I know they still get done--but I wonder how Born Loser typically fares these days.

March 1, 1989
Oh, cool. Great. A calendar that every employee should've received for free and two months after the year begins. I'll cherish it always. Well, at least for the next ten months.

It is December 23rd. All orders and requests are closed for the year. Luckily, you have literally all of next year to make your requests for Christmas 2024.