Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Happy Birthday!!

Guard Dog is going to be OK. Doozy has to wait 7 days to adopt Guard Dog to give him time to heal and for his owners to attempt to come for him. Has the 7 days passed? Is she just visiting? We still have three days in this week. Is Guard Dog going home?

January 19, 1978
I was originally going to ask "where's the funny?" but then I noticed Gladys' hair in the middle panel. It's hard to see in this scanned version.

Seems like Wilberforce got his snow day after all. And he's wearing that stupid hat again. It's still not clear if that's a tie or scarf. I'm leaning scarf but why does it look like that?

I enjoy Snowman Brutus. Much better than the original. Should've brought him to life and got him to the North Pole.