Sunday, December 24, 2023

There's Only One Fat Guy Who Brings Us Presents and His Name Ain't Santa

December 17, 1978
Women, amirite? Can't live with them...can't live without them because this comic is set in 1978 and features a stereotypical man who can't do anything without a woman's guidance. Ha, ha! It's funny!

I'm also not a fan of "angry feminist" Gladys, but, again, that was the time. To be fair, I feel Gladys does a lot of stuff, even today, militantly.

This is probably why Santa Claus was always more real to me. My mom can't afford all this crap. My family put together could barely afford all this crap. Santa is clearly real.

Butch Kapinski has been a thorn in Wilberforce's side for years. Has Wilberforce paid Hurricane Hattie to beat him up yet?

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