Friday, December 01, 2023

Is Brutus Hitting On Veeblefester?

If you read the comic strip Mutts, by the great Patrick McDonnell, you've been following the story of Guard Dog. Guard Dog is a dog that has been chained in his yard by his owners. While McDonnell has received pleas from readers to free Guard Dog, he has also received letters from animal rights organizations to keep the chain on to raise awareness about this kind of animal cruelty.

The storyline going on now shows Guard Dog being abandoned by his owners after they move away, still chained in the yard. As the days pass, Guard Dog gets weaker and eventually passes out. Mooch and Earl attempt to rescue Guard Dog but do attract the attention of neighborhood girl, Doozy, who has taken a liking to Guard Dog.

You can read more about this storyline here. If you witness a dog or other animal being chained or tethered, contact local law enforcement or humane society. For more Guard Dog, go here.

November 19, 1977
I swear to God that if Brutus' weekend job is more exciting than his tea cozy one, I am going to punch someone.

I've never understood why moonlighting is bad. I understand the corporate view of "you're going to give our competition our ideas" or "you'll stop giving us 110%" but you're a corporation who clearly doesn't pay me enough if I have to go out and get a second job so I don't really care what you think.

I'm sure you find just about anyone on the street and they'd do a better job than Brutus. It's your own fault, Veeblefester, You've kept Brutus employed as a joke and now you're stuck with him.