Thursday, January 12, 2023

Veeblefester Really Cut Down That Server

October 19, 1973
There are just some things I really like about cartooning and comic strips when you can see the artist putting themselves out there for readers. Charles Schulz's shaky lines in Peanuts will always be my favorite. I like it when people can't draw hands or feet--it's a fun quirk. Another thing I like is bad perspectives with vehicles.

That officer is a car and a half tall! How can a big woman like Gladys fit into a car that small? Who cares? It's a comic strip. Onto the comic for October 20th.

I like that when Chip really wants to be mean to whoever is working at the diner, he uses Veeblefester instead of Brutus. Brutus would never be that much of an asshole to a fellow worker bee. Veeblefester would, but, again, Veeblefester would never eat at a diner.