Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Is It a Good Name?

October 10, 1973
How do you think it...Great. It went very well.

How long has the game been over? Did Brutus throw something at the TV or did he get up and kick it and has just been sitting in the chair like that for fifteen minutes?

That was an expensive game. TVs weren't exactly cheap in 1973.

Wow. That isn't helpful at all. I can't imagine stopping those credit cards and doing whatever you need to do to restore your credit is more difficult than going through the process of creating a whole new identity. He can't just change his name, he needs a new social as well.

Who is Brutus talking to? I feel that in the last panel, the person on the phone should be asking "I can help you with restoring your good name, sir. I just need your full name and social security number."