Monday, January 30, 2023

The Most Romantic of Waltzes

November 6, 1973
Are these love letters Brutus wrote to Gladys or love letters Brutus wrote to/received from other women? Because I can see Gladys laughed at either.

Years ago, when I was dating someone, we would pass notes to each other over the cubicle wall. As a gift, I compiled these notes and made them into a book. I kept the book for years until finally throwing it away when I moved from Lawrence to Topeka. I often wondered if she kept her copy or if she eventually tossed it, too.

You also apparently wrote hilarious love letters like how you would take care of Gladys and she would never want for anything. You can't take care of your family by playing "Chopsticks", Brutus.

Is "Chopsticks" still a reference the younger generation would understand?