Friday, January 06, 2023

Did He Do a Fortnite Dance In Front of You As Well?

October 13, 1973
Yeah, that doesn't make you lighter, it just puts all the weight on that one foot. And it wouldn't change anything anyway. Your weight is based on how much gravity is pushing down on you.

Nice boxers, though.

It's "bruh" and quit letting things like this get under your skin, adults. Y'all got so upset when the youths started calling you "boomers" that it really stopped being funny. Throwing tantrums just because you don't understand these young people? Come on, people.

And clearly, Brutus forgets about Classic Wilberforce. There are some older strips I haven't posted here yet that show just how big Wilberforce was for his britches. Today's Wilberforce doesn't hold a candle to old Wilberforce.