Friday, October 21, 2022

No One Is Stopping You from Going

January 30, 1974
I don't really get the joke in this strip. Is the mind he's thinking about the dog's? Wilberforce's? His own? I think it would've been better without the thought balloon in the last panel.

Just because it meows and purrs doesn't mean it's not a dog. It's just a dog that was weirdly trained by its owner. Or is possessed by a cat. It could be possessed by a cat.

I love haunted houses. And what I mean by haunted houses is "haunted" houses. Abandoned houses that everyone assumes are haunted. I'm not a fan of those haunted houses set up in the abandoned tuna cannery down by the river or at the former boy scout camp just outside of town.

Fun fact: Mother Gargle's hair is purposely styled to look like a witch's hat.