Saturday, October 29, 2022

Communication Gap?

August 20, 1975
Was every man in a comic strip like Andy Capp back in the 1970s? Those pants Gladys is wearing also seem very 1970s.

We've established that Brutus was like every other stereotypical husband in the strip's golden era. Today, he's a better husband, doesn't go out carousing, don't seem to drink, and spends every evening at home with his wife. Gee, I guess he is a loser.

I'm bothered by Wilberforce anger in the last panel. The name Boston cream pie has pissed. Him. Off. "Words used to mean something. Pie? It's a cake! I'm gonna make this world pay." Apparently 'cake' and 'pie' used to be used interchangeably because they used to be made in the same pan. But that just kind of confuses things even more.

Why is Gladys' Boston cream pie so tall. It looks much taller than the Boston cream pies I see on Google Images.