Sunday, October 23, 2022

Subscribing to a Streaming Service Is the Only Time Brutus Truly Feels Alive

Good news, everyone!
It's finally happened! After 7 years, 422 pages, 58 chapters, and 118,139 words, I am finished writing my novel. Now for the arduous task of going through and editing it. It seems I've already cut so much from it so it will be interesting to see what sticks around as I go through the novel again.

January 26, 1985
This thief is going through a lot of work to rob Brutus. I mean, wouldn't chasing Brutus bring attention to the crime? Brutus was basically able to get away because I don't think a thief would chase him down. He'd just sink back down into the trash can and wait for the next rube to come into the alley.

It's disorienting that we change direction for the last two panels.

Brutus is way too exciting signing up for this streaming service. Way too excited.

I honestly don't mind services that still have commercials. I mean, if you want to pay extra and have no commercials then whatever. To each their own. I don't use the commercials to get a snack or to pee. It's a streaming service, I use the pause button.

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