Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Nuts to Milk

September 18, 1972
Even if Brutus knew it was treasure chest filled with gold, how is he supposed to get it out of the water? What's he going to do? Figure out a way to remember where he was? Go back to shore? Learn how to scuba? Rent scuba equipment? Dive down to the bottom of the lake/gulf/ocean? Then what? Fail at lifting the chest? Swim back up to the surface? Return to shore? Rent a boat that has a hook on it? At this point, he's spending too much money and now having to share the gold with people. He's better off believing he snagged a log.

I love almond milk. I know how bad it is for the environment so I never drink it anymore. Although I'm seeing that cow's milk uses more water and more cow's milk is produced than almond milk so now I don't know what to do.

Is Gladys going to pour herself a glass of almond milk or did she just set the carton on the counter for no reason?