Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Spin Us a Yarn, Brutus

The further we get away from when the strip started (1965), the harder it is to justify that Brutus is a Baby Boomer or even a member of the Silent Generation. Brutus' age typically hovers around 50 so he's now a Gen-Xer (with Wilberforce being the newest Generation Alpha but that's a whole other post) so I don't feel his childhood stories would be very interesting.

"Ricky and I would always hang out down by the quarry. We'd throw things down there. Sometimes people would dump their trash in the quarry and we'd throw things at the trash. One time, Ricky went down to the bottom of quarry and opened a refrigerator that had been thrown down there. He opened it up and there was the skeleton of a raccoon. Anyway, never, ever open up abandoned refrigerators."