Monday, January 10, 2022

The End Is Near

Before we get to today's The Born Loser, let's check out today's Mary Worth.

Good. Good. But I'm not going to believe Wilbur is dead until his fish-eaten, bloated corpse washes up on shore. I feel bad for Estelle who probably now has at least thirty minutes of paperwork she'll have to fill out when the boat docks. I feel bad for Wilbur's daughter, Dawn, because she'll just have to watch and cry while Mary makes all the funeral preparations. Luckily, she has a new man who can comfort her.

I sincerely can't believe there was nobody on deck to witness Wilbur's descent into the ocean. I mean, he was screaming "I'm king of the world!"

Yeah, most of this is psychosomatic for me, too. Look Gladys, I won't tell Brutus. I'll keep your little secret. But this is the last one.