Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1218: A Four-Panel Daily Strip?!

As a parent, I've been subject to some pretty terrible children's books. They aren't terrible in the typical sense but just weird or have strange messages. Not having much money and relatives who seem to have a radar for finding odd things, the book "Good Night, Gear Bear" came into my, or should I say, my son's possession.

I know very little about Gear Bear and searching online for him only yields his books you can buy on Amazon. Gear Bear was created by Susan Baum and I'm not certain if the name is |Geer| Bear or |Gair| Bear. I'm assuming |Geer| because that's the standard pronunciation and it's a kid's book but maybe Susan Baum used the name to weed out true fans. "Ms. Baum, I love Gear Bear!" "It's |Gair| Bear you little dumbass. You don't deserve these books!"

Puppy Love? It's one of those books, is it? This would be a good time to teach
the children about proper ZzzQuil usage.

It's kind of cool that Gear Bear is able to bend the dimensions
of time and space. I can see every angle of that bed.

Gear Bear only reads books that are about him, I guess. That means Gear Bear
only has four books in his house.

Is Gear Bear a kid with mysteriously absent parents or an
adult similar to Steve or Joe in Blue's Clues? It doesn't matter, both
options are creepy.

Gear Bear has three bottles of chocolate milk in his fridge? At least it
looks like he buys farm fresh chocolate milk and juice.

Ugh, finally he's asleep. Maybe he should've tried getting a drink and
rocking in his chair before trying to sleep upside down...
So that's Gear Bear. It's not terrible but it's not exactly good either. I like the pictures and the text is quick and easy to read. It's actually the best children's book about a South Park Canadian bear that I have ever read.

I have no idea what is going on today. I guess Veeblefester is looking to Brutus for suggestions on who can run the place while Brutus believe Veeblefester will offer him the task. There is also the possibility that Veeblefester just suffered a mild stroke. Quick, Brutus, see if he can lift his arms or stick out his tongue.

Losers Are Made, Not Born will return on Sunday with Sunday Comics. There will be updates to this site including two new Story Series: Incredible Comics on Wednesday and Randy on Saturday, a tryout for a new section called #ElevenSeasonsAndAMovie about the television show The Simpsons and a new 16th & Massachusetts on Friday.