Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1212: Something Something Golf

A couple weeks ago on Twitter, I posed a question asking if it was possible to stay off the grid. I asked this because it was a major plot point in this story I was writing. I was mainly asking if it was believable but also based on fact.

I knew this girl from almost ten years ago and she has a very small social footprint online. She has a Facebook, she has a MySpace and I'm pretty sure she has LinkedIn but doing a Google search on her turns up very little information. From what I can tell, she is also very rarely online so unless you have the means to contact her or want to wait for a response from her limited social media, there is no way you can get a hold of her. This is a very important plot point in "Vagabond Girl", a story that will be posting later today in Liberty #51.

I started writing "Vagabond Girl" because this girl who was talented, smart, funny and attractive but could never get a leg up in anything and neither my girlfriend at the time or myself could really see how it happened. She was always just a victim of circumstance it seemed. I also wanted to showcase the deplorable living standards this girl was subjected to due to being forced to move around all the time.

Instead of detailing, like I wanted to, a whole decade of this life, I chose to focus on just roughly one week but a lot happens in that week and it was the first story since "Riley & Tyler" that I really enjoyed doing. I need to do more stories like that, I know, but I also need to get the bad stories written too or they fester in my head.

"Vagabond Girl" is about Katie, a girl who works a minimum wage job and lives with her best friend, Michelle, who treats her like a child. Michelle threatens to bring in another roommate unless Katie can get her act together all the while Katie is getting closer with Michelle's boyfriend, Josh.

Liberty #51 posts at 2:00 CST.

Why is Gladys at the door? Didn't Brutus take his keys with him? Brutus just got back from playing golf so we can safely assume his arms still work. Does The Born Loser exist in some strange time anomaly where women wait dutifully by the door because they don't know what to do when their husband is gone and all the housework is done?