Monday, June 15, 2015

1217: I Do Believe That's His Real Name

For those of you who watch it, Orange Is the New Black premiered back on Friday and in the first episode was a flashback showing Poussey (Samira Wiley) reading a Calvin and Hobbes book with her mother. The book was The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes and the strip they focused on was this one:
This strip is later called-back when Poussey sees it later in the newspaper and thinks of her mother. And that, dear people, is the strange beast that is the comic strip. A single strip from 1988 that ended in 1995 can still be seen in a newspaper in 2015. That not a slight on Calvin and Hobbes but more on newspapers and the syndicates.

While Brutus' future consists of basically the exact same thing that is happening in today's strip, but BlondGuy McWaterDrinker's future will continue as an ancillary character mostly in the background until being replaced by a similar blond guy who can curl his lip in that manner.