Sunday, June 07, 2015

1209: All Your Base Belong to Marmaduke

I starting to have a problem with people using crowdfunding as a way to do stuff. I believe that crowdfunding is a great way to create something but what I am having a problem with are people using crowdfunding to start a business. Again, it makes sense when you are creating something but I've seen it be used to start microbreweries, grocery stores, restaurants and you know what crowdfunding can't do? Keep your business open.

I've tried helping two things on crowdfunding sites--one succeeded, one failed--but both were things that were to be made and then sold briefly online. A local restaurant was started because of funding received from people on IndieGoGo. It was a fish and chips restaurant run by an actual British guy. It was something our city didn't have and was something that wasn't fast food, Mexican or pizza. It was delicious and seemingly popular but only lasted 15 months. Crowdfunding works the best when you want to create something. I don't believe crowdfunding can sustain a business. Now, pieces of art, a card game, graphic novel, action figures, a music album, a movie--all worthy of being crowdfunded.

But if you feel like you have something that could be crowdfunded, then I say go for it. I'm nobody so you probably shouldn't even listen to me. I never attempted to crowdfund anything but I have looked into and maybe someday I will. Anyway, onto the comics.

Girls might not be able to resist a warm chuckle but girls can resist a look that makes you look like a rapist.

Please hold the reunion at Montoni's. That would be the most depressing thing ever--even more depressing than holding it in the high school gym where you can't have alcohol. PLEASE have the reunion at Montoni's!!

For some weird reason, I have the need to obey Marmaduke and do everything that he demands. I don't know why...

Odd that the phone book publisher put Crankshaft's name roughly were it would be in the book if everybody else was listed in it.

"How's that going?" Mary asks, a strange taste in her mouth, a combination of battery acid and stomach bile. Even her love of pruning her rose bushes cannot satiate her hatred that it took Terry this long to come to her for advice.

Is this a real saying? I've heard of "a friend in need is a friend indeed" but that means that if a friend sticks around while you are in need, then they are a true friend. Either way, Veeblefester isn't a true friend to anyone--at least until his hired scientists figure out a way to anthropomorphize his money.

"I don't care that you are thinking of going to the store. You clearly haven't made up your mind, you haven't asked me to go with you and you're standing there acting like going to the grocery store is some sort of fantasy trip. It's five blocks from our house!"

True story: I learned to ride a bike at age 11. I grew out of my bike around age 15 and haven't ridden one since. I learned in a matter of a week or so because I was being threatened with having training wheels put on and what 11-year-old wants training wheels on their bike?