Thursday, June 25, 2015

1223: I'm Sure He'll Still Have Room for Supper

Lawrence was the capital of Free-State Kansas back in the days of Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War so you wouldn't think there would be any Confederate soldiers buried here but there is. There is only one and you wouldn't know where to look unless you knew he was there.

Private Gray Boulware served in the 9th Virginia Cavalry. The 9th was formed in January 1862. It was commanded by Colonels Richard L.T. Beale, John E. Johnson, William H.F. Lee (a son of General Robert E. Lee) and Thomas Waller. The 9th saw battles at, among others, Second Manassas, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and Williamsport. Late in the war, they skirmished around Richmond and Petersburg.

The Boulware's were a prominent family in South Carolina and Virginia. I don't know when or why Mr. Boulware came to Kansas but on February 13, 1895, he died in Topeka of "paralysis."
News release of Mr. Boulware's passing from the Lawrence Daily Gazette,
February 14, 1895.

Pvt. Gray Boulware's gravestone in Oak Hill Cemetery.
I've never understood eating popcorn outside of a movie theater. When I think of getting a snack, popcorn never even makes the list and I usually have a pretty long list of snack foods. One of my favorite snack foods was Totino's Cheese Nachos. They were essentially pizza rolls except instead of pizza flavored insides, they were nacho based. My favorite was cheese but the beef were pretty good, too. I guess they don't make them anymore and I can't even find a picture of them online. Those things on Brutus' plate kind of look like them. Maybe Brutus hoarded them. They'd only be about ten or so years old now. They'd still be good.