Saturday, June 27, 2015

1225: NuPenny's Last Stand

It's Free State Festival Week in my hometown where my city becomes about 25% weirder. An art installation sponsored by the University of Kansas's Spencer Museum of Art is a NuPenny Toy Stand by Randy Regier. The location is secret but if you know people who have found it, they will tell you or you could probably figure it out. I figured out its location based on the pictures people were posting.

It was actually quite cool and I'm glad we all went out to look at it before the artist gave every one directions today.

Is Wilberforce thinking about becoming a vegetarian or is he just asking a random question in order to learn more about Hattie? I've thought about becoming a vegetarian but those thoughts don't last long as I love meat--all kinds. I know how we get our meat. It's disgusting but just about everything we do is disgusting when you really think about it.

Come on. Do it. Really think about it.