Sunday, June 14, 2015

1216: I Always Thought It Was Incompetence Keeping Brutus From Being Promoted

Sure, it's all happily ever after for Cinderella and the prince but the evil sisters are pecked blind by two doves before and after the wedding. Let's not forget all the mental abuse Cinderella suffered that will no doubt leave lingering effects.

I've been poor--never Hootin' Holler poor but still poor--and we never made soup. It was always some sort of pasta dish. Keep in mind that they don't have a sidewalk not because of lack of money but because sidewalks are more of a fancy big city thing. When in Hootin' Holler, you'll walk in ditches and muddy ruts and like it.

Maybe to General Halftrack, a 120 is a great game. How is he a jerk if his score went from 135 to 120. Can you get 135 in golf? I don't know.

I'm thinking this is more Mort taking his golf frustration out in his strip. Mort must have a friend who constantly brags about his 110+ point games and Mort has finally had enough. "I'm sick of your bragging, Paul. 120 is not a good score! I'm going to tell the whole world about you, Paul, using the power of the comic strip. Jerk!!"

I bet, somehow, Mallard thinks this is all Obama's fault even though our education system has been terrible since the 1970s. Also, Education Professional is a terrible name. This guy probably got beat up a lot as a kid.

Again, Brutus, you are, like, second-in-command at Veeblefester's Tea Cozies and Mustard Gas so if you were to get a promotion it's because ol' Rancid here got shot by Dick Cheney during a hunting trip and the board appointed you CEO.