Monday, December 30, 2013

Yeah, Veeblefester Looks Very Busy There

I'm on various forms of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and even Instagram, although I don't use it. The newest social media platform that seems to making the rounds, at least in teenage circles, is SnapChat. I work at a school where every student just received iPads and SnapChat is open a lot--almost as much as Facebook and Twitter. I've seen the way these kids use SnapChat and I am not a fan. To be honest, I don't get it. I do get why they are using it but as I told one student who said the pictures you post are deleted after 10 seconds, "if you believe what you post on the Internet disappears then I've got some ocean-front property in Topeka to sell you."

One of my Facebook friends posted this article about why you should delete your SnapChat account. It's a good article and convinced me that SnapChat was, is, and always has been a despicable social media platform. I won't post the whole thing here but there are the three reasons he gives.

1. SnapChat is built on a lie.
They say your picture, post, information, whatever gets deleted but there's no way for that to happen. It's the Internet, everything is saved and recorded.

2. SnapChat was created to be a safe way to sext.
Apparently that's something that has been recorded repeatedly especially in legal documents and company emails where the creators admit it should be used solely for sexting and repeatedly call women "betches." Class.

3. It's all innocent.
Yeah. All social media is innocent until it no longer is and the more people that use it, the quicker it stops being innocent.

My main argument against SnapChat is very simple and based on what I've seen my students use it for. Very little of SnapChat is actually used for funny or interesting things. Most posts are just typically this:
Or this:
Also, lots of boobs and penises. Word of caution: don't do an Internet search for "SnapChat pictures."
As I've noticed and explained before, it seems to me that Brutus is already pretty high up the food chain at Veeblefester Corps. meaning that for Brutus to be promoted, Veeblefester would just have to give Brutus his job which makes it understandable why Veeblefester won't promote him.