Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Social Security Forgot to Send Brutus' Name to Santa

I learned something about my family a few weeks ago. My great-grandma passed away long before I was born--in fact it was when my Grandma was three back in 1941. From what I learned, Grandma Dovie found out she was pregnant and had cancer at the same time. The doctor recommended that she have an abortion and start cancer treatments. Dovie refused, opting to bring the pregnancy to term and by the time my Grandma was born in October 1939 the cancer was too far gone and Grandma Dovie died in January 1941. I never knew that story before but I always knew that Grandma Dovie sacrificed herself so that my Grandma could live. And, yes, it does get you thinking that had she chosen the abortion then I probably wouldn't be here.

What would've happened had Grandma Dovie not had cancer? I don't know. Would I have been able to meet her? I met my Grandpa's mom because she died in 1988 at the age of 95. My Grandma's father, who I never met because he seemed to just abandon his original family after Dovie's death and started a new one, died a couple days before my first birthday in 1984, so there is a chance she could've lived long enough for her to see me and my cousin (1981) being born.I'm glad I finally know what happened but I wish I would've known a lot earlier but I didn't know until after my Grandma had died and then I just never asked. I plan on expanding this post a lot more in the future over on The Point of Beginning if you would like to read more.


Or Brutus' parents lived a comfortable but strapped life as most did in those times and didn't work themselves to death just to break even like we all do now.