Monday, December 02, 2013

Shave and a Haircut, 100 Bits

Over the weekend I got my haircut and since I hadn't had a haircut since July and hadn't shaved since late October so it was definitely time so I went downtown and got a haircut and a shave from a local barber--the only one to actually offer old-fashioned shaves. It. Was. Great. I felt so much better afterward. Much better, I think, than if I had attempted to shave on my own which would've taken a long time because I don't have a beard trimmer or anything else to shorten my beard so I would've had to use a razor (or three) to trim, shave and go over again.

Sadly, it's not something I can do every week or even every month but someday, when I'm Mitt Romney rich, I'll be doing it everyday.

Meanwhile, Veeblefester in college was like, I saw, I came, I snuck out quietly the next morning. Amiright?