Tuesday, December 03, 2013

To Review or Not Review...

One thing I really hate about the Internet is how quickly can jump to the defense of someone they have never met and sometimes never even heard of. You can write a well-thought out review of a book, movie or TV show and someone, inevitably, in the comments write: "You're not a real fan" or "You just don't get it." I've written several reviews on this blog and others, mostly positive, but it's the negative ones that get the most responses. I once said that the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother wasn't very good. I was told to not hate. I wasn't. I feel that the first season is genius and there isn't a bad one in the bunch but the seventh season had numerous problems and said that.

I feel that if you can actually explain why you don't like something then your opinion holds up better but with the exception of only a couple comments, most people were just mad I was "attacking" their favorite things. Part of the burden of having favorite things is having to deal with people who may not agree with you. I like Superman, my favorite author is Michael Chabon, my favorite current TV show is Grimm, my favorite TV show of all time is The Simpson but only the first 11 seasons. My favorite movie is Slums of Beverly Hills and my favorite actor is Nicolas Cage. Even I can point out the flaws of everything I just listed and I am prepared for having to deal with people who think Superman is lame, Nicolas Cage sucks and what the hell is that movie?

I bring this up because I am about finished with a book by a popular young adult author whose other book I read, I absolutely loved and I want to read more but the book I'm reading isn't that great and this is the book that's winning awards and becoming a movie. It's good, don't get me wrong, but I don't like the characters, I predicted what would happen after the two main characters were introduced and I'm confused why these teenagers talk like they are in an episode of Dawson's Creek. Does that bother anyone else having teenagers talk and act well above their age? Maybe if I liked the characters I wouldn't care... I want to write a review on it but I guess I'm torn. Honestly, anything I post here rarely gets any comments so I shouldn't have to defend myself despite the fact my defense is already in the review.

Also, I'm writing this on my iPad Blogger app. I don't recommend it.

So what you're telling me is that Hurricane Hattie lived to be 8-9 years old and has never seen her or anyone else's breath on a cold day. Has she been locked in a dark room?