Tuesday, December 31, 2013

...Cuz a Thornapple Party Don't Stop

For the last few years, my father-in-law has been researching his father's time overseas in World War II. He was stationed over in Papua New Guinea from January 1943 until September 1945. His unit was the 224th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion. Recently, my father-in-law has published a small book detailing the history of this unit. The purpose of the 224th AAA SL/BN was, as their name suggests, to locate enemy aircraft with radar and searchlight. He's made a couple connections with other children of the 224th and he occasionally upkeeps a website about the unit.

What makes the story more unique is that it takes place in the Pacific theatre, a commonly overlooked area of World War II that has only just recently come into light and the 224th never had a history published. A history was started shortly after the war but was never completed. This small book attempts to complete, record and publish the history of the 224th. To order the book, you can go here. For additional information, you can visit this website.

Enough said.

Join us tomorrow for an all-new, slightly different Whiz Bang and Tauy Creek.