Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Hills Are Alive.....

Start promising that daily posts are back then miss three days right after. I'm gonna try to do better but last week was just very busy in the evening which is when I post these things.

On Thursday I watched The Sound of Music Live on NBC starring Carrie Underwood. I was about what I expected but Carrie's performance of Maria did not impress but I thought everyone not named Carrie Underwood did very well. I tweeted shortly after I first heard Carrie croak out the words to "The Sound of Music", after testing it on my live-in audience--my wife, about Julie Andrews:
As you can see, it kind of made the rounds on Twitter but only half a dozen people actually replied to it with four being just your standard agreements on Underwood's terribleness. But there was one that said "you can't compare a movie to a live performance." Which I really wasn't. I was just making a joke. A movie can take months to make and produce, edits can be made and things can be done and refilmed to make the film seem as perfect as possible whereas a live performance cannot. I wasn't comparing Carrie Underwood to Julie Andrews but I honestly thought Underwood would live up to Andrews amazing performance but because NBC needed a live Sound of Music why?

It needed to be live to make up for how not-good it was going to be. Didn't like something? It was live. Thought the singing was too shrill and the acting too wooden? It was live. Didn't like when the little girl playing Gretl said "shit" after skipping a line? It was live. NBC can use the "It was live" crutch for anything if the show got bad reviews or something. But I don't think NBC will be using that very much as The Sound of Music Live gave them their biggest Thursday night ratings (excluding sports events) since 2009.

The same could be said about your breasts, Mother Gargle...

Wait. There's more than one company that makes tea cozies?

This is apparently the week of everyone just having a back and forth. Seeing them all in a row is kind of unsettling.

Once again, the Thornapples are allowing Hurricane Hattie to just run amok in their house. Seriously, is Hattie the Sluggo in this strip?