Sunday, October 02, 2011

I Do Have Replicas of Jeff Gordon's Superman Car, Though

Does anyone else have friends or know somebody who, whenever they see a police officer, go into some kind of weird trance? I've known a few people who immediately become suspicious when a cop is around and will even mumble under their breath "I see you watching me." I'm pretty sure they are not watching you unless you are doing something suspicious and if you are doing something suspicious then it is their job to watch you. And just so you know, any type of anti-police attitude you have will just make it harder on yourself if you are ever arrested or brought in for questioning.

Oh, boy. NASCAR. Nothing boring and/or stupid about that. I tend to let people enjoy their "sports" without telling them it is stupid but I just can't do it with NASCAR. To me, there is no redeeming quality to NASCAR so whenever someone begins talking about NASCAR I wish I could do this:
You have to admit that if Gladys can pick the best picture of cereal or candy and that car wins, then that's a pretty decent talent she has.