Monday, October 17, 2011

Spread the Word

I did something stupid last night and spent most of the evening and into the night looking up creepy things online. I admit that I spent quite a bit of time online but I had never had these brought to my attention. I don't know where I have been while these have been circulating but I'm glad I found them.

Be Warned That The Following May Cause Lack of Sleep And/Or Insanity.

A film showing a forlorn Mickey Mouse continuously walking past the same buildings while someone bangs on a piano. The piano "music" is replaced by white noise then the film goes black. When the film returns a couple minutes later, murmuring can be heard which morphs into a terrifying scream while the film constantly becomes more distorted. The film ends on a close-up of Mickey Mouse's head and what seems to be a broken music player playing in the background. It is rumored that the person viewing this for Leonard Maltin soon committed suicide.

Smile.jpg (or Smile Dog) is a picture of what appears to be a Siberian husky with a wide, human-like smile. In the background is a window and a human hand. The picture is said to drive people who view it insane unless they "spread the word." It is believed that this is a picture of the Devil but it is unknown whether the dog is Satan or if the hand is Satan's. Either way people who view the picture wind up either insane or dead.

This story tended to hit home a bit more considering my obsession with abandoned houses. It starts out in a seedy neighborhood where this guy finds a busted computer and takes the tower home. When he goes to see if the tower still works, he finds only one file on it: barbie.avi, a movie of a woman just talking. The entire movie was just this woman talking in front of a white background. The woman then begins to cry and she is still crying as the film fades to black. After a couple minutes, a person seen walking along a railroad track appeared on screen. The person continues walking for six minutes until heading down a plywood path that leads into the woods. The film then ends. The guy recognizes the railroad tracks and decides to go down there and see if he can find what happened after the video ended.

After a couple hours of searching, the guy is able to find the plywood trail and follows it into the woods. The trail led to an abandoned house in a grassy field. The abandoned house is typical of your abandoned houses except for one thing: the bathroom had a wet tarp in the bathtub and dust had been wiped from the mirror. A moaning noise scared the guy and he went running off back to the railroad tracks. It is not explicitly mentioned what possibly happened to the woman in the video.

There are plenty more Creepypasta available on the Internet. These are just three of the four I found interesting.

So I'm starting to think Chip is paid to mention obscure/pointless/defunct holidays in his strip. I'm fine with that. Gotta supplement your phat cartoonists salary somehow.