Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For All Your Licensing Needs

I made mention a couple days ago about how Kansas rarely makes it into the news and when it does, it's for things that make us look like backwoods cavemen. Well, we've done it again. Topeka has repealed the law making domestic violence illegal. Now that may sound terrible but you need to understand the context. The county district attorney, citing budgetary reasons, said that they would no longer be prosecuting domestic violence cases--however I'm sure they will still be prosecuting someone who grows pot. The move essentially dumped all domestic violence cases on the lap of the city (cities I would assume as Shawnee County has more than one) who also cannot afford to prosecute. On the surface, the headline makes Topeka out to be a haven for spouse abusers but it's really just a way to force the county to do the job they agreed to do. Whether it will work or not still remains to be seen. I'm just more interested in wondering why the governor or the head of SRS aren't more interested in this considering how involved in family matters they claim to be.

Probably because they couldn't care less about you beating your spouse as long as you remain married.

Gladys we all know you are either 45 or 46. There's no shame in that. There is shame, however, in being built the way you are.