Monday, October 10, 2011

Stull #21

Frank, Matt and Katie stood outside Rock Creek Township High School and stared at the building. "Are we going in?" Matt asked.

"I feel like we have to," Katie said. "None of us have a good excuse to not come."

"Everyone hated us. That seems like a good excuse," Frank said.

"They didn't hate us. They just thought we were freaks," Katie said.

"I could be using this time to look for Jen," Frank said. It had been almost two weeks since Jen disappeared at the old town well. The county had authorized people to go into the well to search but everything came up empty.

"Let's go, guys. Your ten year high school reunion only comes once," Katie took Frank and Matt's arms and led them toward the high school doors.


In the front lobby was a long table with name tags. A woman was sitting behind the table. Frank, Matt and Katie began searching for their name tags.

"Oh my God. Frank York? Katie Anderson?" the woman asked.

"Yeah...?" Frank hesitated.

"I knew it. I knew you two would end up together."

"What?" Katie asked.

"Aren't you two married? You came in together. And in high school you were inseparable."

"We're not married," Katie shook her head.

"We've never even dated," Frank corrected. "We are just friends and co-workers."

"Oh. Sorry. But you have to admit, you two were pretty close in high school."

"Yep. The three of us were pretty close in high school," Frank emphasized and pulled Matt closer to him and Katie.

"Oh! Matt! I didn't see you there."

"I walked in with them..."

Frank, Matt and Katie walked into the cafeteria where most everybody else was. "We are off to a great start," Frank sighed. "Who agreed to hold this reunion at the school where we can't have alcohol?"

"How come she thought you were married?" Matt asked.

"Oh, who knows. Come on, let's go find some food," Frank said.

They found where the food was, a huge buffet spread with way too much for dessert. They each took a plate and began grabbing food. "Frank?"

Frank turned around to see Lana standing behind him. "Lana," he nervously laughed. "I had completely forgotten that there'd be a possibility that you would be here."

"I originally wasn't going to come but then I realized that you would be here," Lana said. "And I wanted to see you."

"Great," he said through clenched teeth.

"How's your ghost hunting thing?" Lana asked.

"It's a historical society. I do paranormal research on the side," Frank explained. "How's...whatever you do now?"

"I'm a waitress at an Applebee's. After the divorce, I had to find a job and, well, it's not the best job but it pays the bills."

"Well, it's great seeing you again. Enjoy the reunion," Frank smiled. He began to walk away, followed by Matt and Katie. "I sure won't," he said under his breath.

They sat down at a table. "Did you hear that? She's divorced! Her life sucks. Yo win, Frank," Katie said.

"It's not a contest, Katie. I just hope he realized that he was dipping his pen in crazy."

"You never did," Matt said.

"I did. Eventually. After she'd been talking with Ben for two years and she sprang on me that she was moving to Seattle with him."

"That was a terrible summer," Matt said. "Luckily you were more mature than the last time Lana broke up with you."

"February of 2001. Not my best month. I honestly wish I could go back in time and change everything about that month," Frank said.

"Everything?" Katie smiled.

"Well, some things more than others..." Frank smiled back.

"What's going on here?" Matt asked confusingly, looking back and forth between Frank and Katie.

"Frank and Katie. It's nice to see another high school relationship as solid as ours," a man spoke as he and his wife walked up to them.

"Who are you?" Frank asked.

"Freddy Rockmore," the man replied.

"Oh, yeah. You made fun of my nipples in gym class one time," Frank said.

"And Frank and I are not together nor have we ever been together," Katie said.

"But didn't you and he hook up one time?" Freddy asked.

"What?" Matt exclaimed.

"Thanks Freddy," Frank sighed.

"Frank, we need to talk," Lana suddenly appeared behind him.

"Frank, you go with Lana. I'll take care of Freddy's word vomit," Katie stood up. She and Matt left the room and went into the hallway that led to the gym and locker rooms. "I guess I might as well tell you. Frank and I slept together back in high school."

"When? And why didn't I know about this?" Matt asked.

"It was shortly after Lana broke up with Frank. He was depressed, I was tired of him whining and I was looking to...lose my virginity so we just did it. It was only one time. It was...okay and we never spoke of it again."

"Then why did Freddy know about it?" Matt asked.

"I don't know. Stuff like that always seems to get out no matter how hard to try to keep it hidden," Katie explained.

"How did I not know? I was with you guys all the time back in high school," Matt wondered.

"Frank and I didn't talk about it. Frank snuck out one night, tapped on my window and within thirty minutes, we were done. We never thought you'd find out but we should've told you."

"No, I probably would've freaked out back then. I'm glad I know now though," Matt smiled. "I'm leaving tomorrow."

"I know," Katie leaned in and hugged Matt.

Frank and Lana went out to the parking lot. Frank was slightly nervous being alone with her but tried to act calm.

"Thank you for not rubbing my divorce in my face. I rushed into that marriage and I don't..."

"It's fine. I got over it. I moved on," Frank said.

"I'm moving back. Well, I'm moving to Tontzville and I was wondering if you would want to go out when I get back."

"Are you serious? We can't keep doing this, Lana. You've hurt me too many times for me to even consider dating you again," Frank explained. "Maybe we can be friends but we will never be a couple."

Lana started to cry. "I love you, Frank. I've loved you from the moment we first kissed and I am going to try my best to get you back in my arms," Lana ran off through the parking lot.

Frank stood quietly watching her get in a car and drive away. "How's Lana?" Katie asked as she and Matt came up behind him.

"Still crazy," Frank sighed.

All three were silent for another minute.

Then Matt spoke, "So I'm assuming we're not going to the 20-year reunion?"