Saturday, October 01, 2011


<i>The Corner of 16th and Massachusetts</i> will be returning to WTS in the next month or so. I posted an "ashcan" edition back in 2009 but I never did anything more with it. But now I will. I plan on using the section to focus on local and regional history and 16th & Mass will become the primary section of WTS currently held by LAMNB. Also, a new Story Series will be debuting, <i>Blue Light</i>, and a webcomic, <i>Kit Cats</i>. <i>Thursday Comics</i> will become a quarterly feature and it is possible <i>Picture of the Week</i> will return. It should be an interesting next few months.

Also, there is a new post of mine over at the DCR. You should go read it. Like everything else I do, it's mediocre.

My son is...odd as he chooses to <i>not</i> have bacon on stuff. I mean, I can put bacon on just about anything and he would rather take it off. I should take him to a doctor but I don't know of any doctors with an emphasis on bacon.

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