Friday, October 28, 2011

Aunt Fritzi Has Beefy Legs

Another abandoned house has bitten the dust. Roughly a year ago, a house sitting on land owned by a quarry was set on fire. The fire heavily damaged the house and the quarry seemed disinterested in keeping the house standing so when I drove by the other day, it came to no surprise that the house was gone.
I don't know when the house was built but shortly before the fire my friend Randy and I were able to go to the house and went inside to look around. There was no furniture--I think there was a mattress in one of the bedrooms upstairs but there were two reasons Randy and I didn't look around upstairs. One reason was the floor was literally covered in an inch of animal poop. After Randy and I left, I never went back except to drive by. At least I have pictures.
The fireplace in the house.
I hate when comic strips turn the panels to be vertical instead of horizontal. And there's something about how this is written that makes it's really difficult to read.

As of this writing, the weather in Cleveland is 47. Tonight is going to be a low of 37. Hattie is going to freeze her chubby Family Circus-esque legs off.