Thursday, February 05, 2009

Uh...Thank You?

"And now will you please leave?!"

What? Comic strips can't switch to digital hi-def. Also, televisions are just going digital, not hi-def. And that's not the way hi-def works.

I want to know why teacher is underlined. Is Chris Browne as shocked as Ditto that his teacher is at the mall or is it to make sure we know it's his teacher and not the retarded stand-in for Little Orphan Annie?

Rat makes yet another appearance in Slylock Fox and is even drawn with a little pipe which isn't cool in a comic strip exclusively marketed toward small, impressionable children.

I remember when I saw the movie Spider-Man, when Peter actually became Spidey the only thing I could think of was "how'd he create the costume" because in the comic book he made it himself but in the movie it was way too elaborate for him to make out of fabric he bought at Wal-Mart. And that's the question I have here: "How'd Electro make the suit?"

You know what gives me a laugh? I picture Bil Keane hooked up to a massive life support system (or in some sort of life sustaining tube) begging Jeff to let him and the strip die and Jeff just laughs and screams "Shut up, Old Man! You're staying alive until the 50th Anniversary in 2010!"

Probably because he doesn't have a Social Security Number.

Born Loser 02-05-09
Due to new ownership, Echo Glen has been renamed Echo Point which is a slightly better name. Unfortunately it still needs a guard rail.