Monday, February 02, 2009

Anyone See the Guy On That Nose?

If he doesn't have a social security number then he essentially doesn't exist in the eyes of any government in our country. No wonder he can't find a job. And, him being an unemployed loser isn't his fault. It's Momma's because you can't have a life without an SSN.

What? This comic isn't even remotely funny (BIG surprise there). It also looks like Curtis removed his bones in the last panel and laying like that can't be good for the neck especially since his face isn't even touching the pillow.

If Popeye would just look behind him, he could stop that evil Sea Hag by reading the convientently placed "Previously..." poster hung up on the wall of his own house.

Thank God. Maybe that giant walking frog is coming to kill them.

How many here knew that? Shem (not to be confused with Shemp from the Three Stooges) was Noah's first son and why does Japheth always get the shaft? Also, Noah was 500 years old when his children were born? What?! Ow, my brain hurts....

Third panel art is hideous. Also, not really a fan of the animal abuse.

*Sigh* And Frank was doing so good. Frank, repeat after me: "We want her to be happy which means she doesn't have to win every time."

Born Loser 02-02-09
"Thank God I have a 1.5 million dollar life insurance policy on my wife. And it doubles if it's an accident. Say, Thorny you don't happen to know where any clumsy guys are hoisting pianos around here do you?"