Tuesday, February 03, 2009


In what universe is the most watched video on YouTube this one?

Quite possibly the most annoying song of 2007 and it's the number one video on YouTube? I'm sure, sooner or later, it will be replaced by something even equally lame but in the meantime, let's try to figure out why this video is number one.

  • Catchy tune? Not really. The song is good about the first time you hear it and that's pretty much it. Two times if you have a good high pain threshold. The music is like something No Doubt would've done in 1995 but Gwen Stefani would've made it cool. Avril makes it Canadian.
  • Meaningful lyrics? "Hey, hey. You, you. I don't like your girlfriend." Songs anymore don't need to have meaning for people to enjoy them (although it helps). This song doesn't no matter what. I can't even use this song just for fun because the lyrics are essentially "I'm a whore and I'm gonna steal your boyfriend and you can't stop it." Of course from what I read Avril doesn't respect the sanctity of marriage so stealing other girl's boyfriends is small time for her.
  • Good video? Ha, ha, ha, ha. God, no. Avril shrieking and harassing that poor couple while bouncing around on a stage does not a good video make.
  • Redemption? All the previous bad stuff can be forgiven if the person singing does a good job. I think Avril has one good part where she's bouncing on the aforementioned stage and her boobs jiggle and it's noticeable. I note this because Avril does not show off her boobs so it was kind of a shock.
I am ashamed of the viewers of YouTube for allowing this video to be the number one video (as of today). For shame, for shame.