Sunday, February 01, 2009

Take the Sacks of Money and Run

So is this some commentary on how our country overprices stuff and then nothing ever gets done or is this some sad joke about Sluggo's laziness?

Heathcliff and Sonia have been together all these years and she's never met his bookie? Also, they've been together all these years and it's just now getting serious. Heathcliff must have some really bad commitment problems or Sonia is just hypnotized by Heathcliff for some reason.

It's always the pretty ones who get trapped.....

'Tis true. Along with other theories. Although it doesn't actually say brain cooling is the primary reason. Half credit to Brian Crane.

And Marmaduke crushes yet another race. You're next Mongolians!!

Born Loser 02-01-09
Next week: Gladys/Lividia Smackdown on UFC 95. Will Brutus get the raise? It's all. On. The. Line. Also, Silva vs. an alligator. UFC!!!!