Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Free Plug for Britbox

May 3, 1974
How long was he on the phone before someone just started saying "Penis penis penis penis penis"?

At least this isn't going to be a situation where the guy takes too long on the phone and someone butts in front of Brutus (he's really standing too close) and he turns to everyone in the airport(?) and screams "WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY...!"

That's a bad deal. Thanks, Bidenflation. 😒

I can get 24 ounces of salad at Walmart for $3. I can get kits with all the fixins and dressing for $4. Don't fall for the ploys of Big Diner and instead get your lunch from...wait...Big Big Box Store? That can't be right...😕

You know who else is probably streaming a bit too many shows on Britbox? Chip.

I got a free trial of Britbox specifically so I could watch later seasons of Red Dwarf. God, I hope that's what Gladys is watching but I doubt it since she's switched to afternoon tea and not lager and vindaloo.

Penis, penis, penis, penis, penis.