Monday, May 15, 2023

I Don't Have to Sign Anything If I Don't Agree With It

March 21, 1974
Is this what kids used to do back in the '70s? Maybe it's a good thing they now have phones they can play games on. Meh. At least they're outside.

Did Wilberforce change direction because he thought his signage would read "On this block any kid can lick Wilberforce Thornapple"? Or was he about to enter Hurricane Hattie's turf on the next block?

That's a good sign, right? "You assist coworkers and help them achieve their goals." *badoom boom ching!* "You follow directions for all assigned tasks." *badoom boom ching* "Consistently shows up late to work leading to an incompletion of the day's task and negatively affects others." *badoom boom ching* "Consistently meets sales goals!" *badoom boom ching*

The rimshots hit harder with more complimentary feedback.