Friday, April 28, 2023

Wilberforce Becoming a Roadgeek All of a Sudden?

February 7, 1974
That's quite an outfit this robber is wearing. Maybe with Brutus' money, he can buy a gun and a new suit.

The odds of being robbed are fairly slim but possible. It's about 1 in about 700. Brutus has been robbed about half a dozen times so you'd think he'd be left alone for the next few years.

Why did Brutus give in so easily? The guy didn't even put his hand in his pocket and pretend he had a gun.

What started the stereotype of robbers always wear makes over their eyes? I should look into that.

Freeways are highways with controlled access (entrances, exits, under/overpasses).

Noble School is a real elementary school in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Readers should head on over and check it out, see if you can spot the real-life inspirations for Wilberforce and Hurricane Hattie. Tell them Chip sent you. They'll know what that means.