Monday, April 24, 2023


February 1, 1974
Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy was a radio serial sponsored by Wheaties from 1933 to 1951. He was first created by General Mills as a mascot for Wheaties. Thanks to Jack Armstrong, Wheaties actually became pretty popular. Wheaties is also credited with having the first radio jingle. A proposed animated series of Jack Armstrong was canceled but Hanna-Barbera reworked the series into Johnny Quest.

If Jack Armstrong could see Brutus, he'd be so embarrassed for everyone having to see this. "I fight for this country. I embody the ideals and values of how all American boys should act and when I see childish, buffoonery like this..." Jack sees that Brutus' shirt says 'whoopee' and he shudders in disgust.

You can listen to about two and a half minutes of Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy along with the opening theme that Brutus is singing here.

I may have taught you everything I know but you do it wrong. Clearly, you don't listen. And the mere fact that you are blaming me, your superior, and not your inferior, proves it.