Sunday, April 02, 2023

In the Time It Took You to Yammer On About the Dictionary, You Could've Just Spelled 'Courageous'

July 28, 1975
Look, I don't want to poo-poo anyone's idea of a good time but my brain can't seem to mesh the phrase "good time" with the act of see-sawing. Maybe that's because I've never see-sawed before. I'm not a fan of heights and it doesn't look fun.

Noah Webster was the dictionary guy. Daniel Webster was, I'm just going to guess, the Congressman, Secretary of State, and prominent lawyer. I don't know why Brutus can remember a third-tier politician not from his state who died 170 years ago and not the Webster's Dictionary guy.

And why does he say the name? Just say "Get a dictionary, my boy!" We could then end the strip with Wilberforce saying "Gee, Pop, if I don't know how to spell it, how do you expect me to find it in the dictionary?"

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