Saturday, December 31, 2022

Toot Your Horns for 2023!!

As you may know, the comic strip Funky Winkerbean is ending today. The last couple storylines have shown why the time jump happened, merging the timeline with Crankshaft, and going into the future where Les Moore's book about his first wife dying of cancer, Lisa's Story, is one of the only books to survive the book burnings? What?!

It also doesn't feel great that Lisa's life was toyed with so that all of this could happen as explained by the Westview High janitor a couple weeks ago. I'm also bothered by the sudden John Byrne art this week.

Anyway, it's over. You can still read Crankshaft, which is currently doing a storyline where Crankshaft made a resolution to not buy anything from Bean's End and is seen for three days under the covers with a flashlight looking at a catalog like some 12-year-old who just learned how great boobs are.

December 31, 1973
In Apex Doob's defense, most New Year's parties continue long after midnight. Brutus is even still in his tuxedo and party hat. Anyway, happy New Year to you all. My only Born Loser wish for 2023 is that Chip reintroduces Apex Doob. Maybe I'll go message him on Facebook and ask about that.

This and this. Stop wanting the next year to be better. That's what it wants!

I've been posting this regularly since 2016 and I'm not gonna stop now!