Saturday, December 24, 2022

Did Wilberforce Just Stand There Watching?

December 24, 1973
One Christmas trope I never get tired of is depicting Santa Claus as an abusive slavedriver. This adds an additional layer of Santa being batshit insane as well. Those reindeer look tired of it and will probably follow through on Operation: Up On the Rooftop tonight.

And that's how Scott Calvin became the new Santa Claus.

I can't imagine watching Rudolph, which is about a reindeer with a bright red, glowing nose in black and white. I mean, it makes sense because most TVs in 1964 would be in black and white. Most people didn't switch to color TVs until the following year.

While searching for when most people began switching to color TVs, I learned that TV networks made the push to color not because it was the next big thing or because people demanded it or even because TV manufacturers wanted to sell slightly more pricey televisions but because watching programs in color manipulated us into watching more programs. Honestly, knowing what we know about capitalism, that tracks.