Sunday, December 04, 2022

Orbondale and Miller Spring

George Orr and Orbondale

In 1887, M.H. Newlin sold his farm southeast of Lawrence to George Ainslie Orr, from New York. That same year, George had married Mary Bunion. Within only a few short years, George Orr's farm, which he called Orbundale, was a well-stocked ranch and a jewel of Wakarusa Township. 

Orbundale was located along Banks Street, now 19th Street, adjacent to the Robert Miller house. Orr also owned 320 acres of land in Willow Springs and the city directories listed his occupation as a gardener. The Orr farmhouse still stands along Clare Road. George Orr passed away in 1929, Mary passing a couple years before him in 1927. Both are buried in section 7 of Oak Hill Cemetery.

Orr farmhouse along Clare Road, Lawrence, Kansas.

Miller Spring
1857 map of northern Wakarusa Township highlighting B.W. Miller's property.
Miller Springs, also called Miller or Millerburg, was located about one mile west of Downtown Lawrence in 1854-1855 along the California Road. The land was owned by Brice W. Miller and on August 12, 1854, shortly after the first Emigrant Aid Party arrived in the Lawrence area, a meeting was held there. The meeting was for the Actual Settlers Association and was comprised of settlers who came into Kansas from Missouri.

Miller Spring was located in the southwest quarter of Section 26 of Wakarusa Township which would place it near present-day 6th Street and Kasold Drive.